Bitcoin Cash is the future

We are passionate group of professionals committed to the long-term success of this legendary crypto currency.

We've attracted a global team of dedicated, talented individuals with a vested interest in promoting Bitcoin Cash.

Humble Beginnings

The Bitcoin Cash Association was formed in a Bitcoin Cash chat group in 2017. It was started by a simple request to the community to crowdfund a short promo video for Bitcoin Cash. The outpouring of support across the industry was phenomenal, and it became crystal clear that there was a need for an organisation to take on this role permanently.

Since then we have incorporated as a non-profit organization and have pulled together a small team of hard-working professionals distributed across the globe to get things done.

The Board

Ian Descôteaux

Board Member

Entered the Bitcoin space in 2010 and built up a mining farm and has been mining ever since.

Paul Wasensteiner

Board Member

Entered the Bitcoin space in 2011, and founded the Bitcoin Cash Association in November 2017.

Haipo Yang

Board Member

Founded the highly successful mining pool ViaBTC, and led the R&D team at ZeusMiner.

Meet The Team

Paul Wasensteiner

Executive Director

Ian Descôteaux

Technical Director

Monica Rea

Event Coordinator

Aron Levi

Sales & Business Development

George Samuels

Community Manager

Our Advisors

Jack C. Liu

Formerly served as Chief Strategy Officer of OKCoin Group, and co-founded OKEx and OKLink.

Roger Ver

World's first Investor in Bitcoin startups and has been investing in Bitcoin startups since early 2011.

Dr. Peter R. Rizun

Chief Scientist for Bitcoin Unlimited, committed to researching the bottlenecks to Bitcoin scaling.

Mike Komaransky

An investor and advocate of Bitcoin since 2010, Mike was a partner at DRW, and was Head of Trading at Cumberland Mining from 2014 until June 2017.

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