The Bitcoin Cash Fund

A community-driven, grassroots project to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund is a non-profit organisation, with the mission of distributing donated funds to projects that promote Bitcoin Cash.

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

A person-to-person online global digital cash system.

A decentralized currency not controlled by any one person.

A secure, high-speed and low-cost payment system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Bitcoin Cash (BCH) serve one billion users within five years.

We believe that the key to success for Bitcoin Cash lies in making sure it is adopted as a global payment system. To achieve this we need to rapidly grow both business and user adoption in unison to develop a closed-loop economy that benefits everyone.

The Bitcoin Cash Fund supports community projects that help further these goals. We believe there is a tremendous amount of energy in the BCH community, and we aim to harness that energy and make BCH the currency of the future.

How Can I Help?

Submit a Proposal

Do you have a brilliant idea of how to promote adoption of Bitcoin Cash? Fill out our proposal form and we may help fund it!

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We have active projects right now that need help from talented people like you. Volunteering is a great chance to earn some Bitcoin Cash while working with like-minded enthusiasts.

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Want to help out but don't have time to get involved yourself? No problem! Your donations are what make this all possible.

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These corporate sponsors are fully aligned with our goals and are pushing Bitcoin Cash adoption forward at a lightning pace.

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